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Elitech Lab is a digital innovation hub formed by a group of companies , Elitech Lab international, Opyno and Buslink. We have a portfolio of proprietary platforms (3DTab, Smart Mobile, Smart Hospitality) focused on providing mobile tools for businesses, to help them improve their internal productivity, improve employee efficiency, and provide innovative and useful services for their customers. These tools help reduce costs and boost the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns.

We also partner with well known leaders within specific sectors, to help them build new internet businesses. We have developed three new mobile business ventures, Opyno, Buslink and Smart Sales. These companies have been created with experts in the fields of retail, transport and experts in software distribution. Elitech provides CTO services and technical assessment that helps construct and develop these solutions to guarantee their success.

Through our commitment with entrepreneurship, we have partnered with accelerator networks and tech investment funds in Mexico (InnoHub Guadalajara).

Our technology solutions Interactive Mobile, Web and Augmented Reality, focus on product design and interaction with the end user. This will help your company improve communications, enhance production efficiency and achieve your business objectives.

The company has an international presence with offices in UK, Mexico DF, Seville and Gibraltar, and has a network of local partners to offer the best services in each market.

We collaborate with universities and research centers such as Oxford University, Oxford Brookes University, U-tad, implementing disruptive technology into new markets, encouraging entrepreneurship, and updating them on the latest innovations.




We love innovation and we invest substantial resources in R&D innovation, collaborating with leading research centres and universities (Oxford), to develop new user interfaces and new products.

We work closely with companies to help them embrace ICT technologies to innovate, launch new products and target new markets.

+ - Corporate Innovation

We work with your production / R&D department to build customised software solutions to your needs and help you release these new digital innovations.

Vast expertise in the field of product innovation design, lean agile software development methodologies and testing methodologies help you navigate through all the product development process.

+ - Startup Technical Development

We help entrepreneurs in the process of designing, developing and testing their MVP products.

Lean product development and agile software methodologies are used to help you build your products.

Our team of entrepreneurs, product designers, project managers and marketers will partner with you to design and develop a tested prototype product that fits your market needs.

A testing bank programme at Oxford Brookes University (UK) and Esdie (Mexico), allows you to test your products main hypothesis with a group of students that give you invaluable feedback and our network of accelerators (InnoHub) also help you scale your project.


We develop mobile solutions no matter the complexity (HMTL 5, IOS, Android, Windows Phone) and adopt a consultancy approach to define how your organization could leverage the power of mobile technologies to solve their current problems and build competitive advantages

+ - Mobile Customers Channel

Mobile APPs for customer services, branding and engagement. We create mobile customer face channels to connect with your clients everywhere, communicate directly to them and offer value added services that help you differentiate yourselves from the rest.

+ - Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Mobile technology solutions to make your business operations more efficient (paperless process), increase the connection of your workforce and gain speed, efficiency and flexibility on the production of your solutions.  

HTML5 85%
Android 95%
iOS 75%
Windows Phone 60%


As part of our tech group, AR Engine and Performance Wearables offer SMART innovative and interactive technology solutions.

We have our own technology platform AR Engine, the most advanced Augmented reality browser and marketing tool currently in the market . We offer different models of this solution (SaaS, SDK development).

The team has various years of experience with this technology, which means we are at the forefront in this field, offering incredible visual experiences to your users with full interactive features and metrics. Our objective is to augment people´s life´s and democratise the use of this technology. We develop gaming, edutainment and gamification experiences never seen before!

+ - AR Engine

AR Engine, provides SMART augmented reality technologies and solutions to help your business grow.

We have vast expertise in marketing, editorial, industrial, educational, real estate and the entertainment field with bespoke and scalable solutions.

We have our own technology platform to produce augmented reality, allowing us to offer a flexible and cost effective portfolio of solutions that adapt to your needs:

  • SaaS model for the use of AR Engine.
  • Consultancy bespoke development project using AR Engine, reducing cost and being more efficient for you.
  • SDK inclusion in your APP, use our platform for your current APPs.
+ - Performance Wearables

Performance Wearables, specialises in the development and execution of interactive technology solutions for the sport entertainment field.

We connect fans with their teams using interactive technologies (mobile, augmented reality). Our objective is to develop value added experiences and business opportunities (commerce, cross selling) for sport clubs with the objective of empowering the engagement between both.

These fans are converted into evangelists, allowing brands to connect with them everywhere.


Our tech group works with a diverse portfolio of clients and partners, some of which are  leading companies in their respective fields worldwide.


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EUROPE Offices

26 Main Street, Victoria House, Suites 41 & 42.
Tel. +350 58156000

UK Main Office
143 High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8BB.

Avenida Descubrimientos, 1. Planta 1. Módulo 25.
Mairena del Aljarafe
Tel. +34 955 314 612


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